HDTS for 3PLs
Logistics software for the 21st Century.

The days of manual data collection are numbered. Introducing the simplest way to manage your warehouse and provide the highest level of value-added service to your clients.

The future of warehouse management is mobile. Use HD's tablet application for receipt and release of inventory and everything in-between. Perfect for warehouses serving distributors of high value goods. The HD Platform allows you to provide visibility for inventory and quality control, and automates much of the manual data entry that's slowing down your business.

  • Use real-time data to make smart and fast decisions.
  • Quickly capture rich data and auto-generate notifications.
  • Streamline your business operations.
  • Deliver incredible service to your clients.
"Finally, a forward-thinking solution everyone in the industry can appreciate."
Kevin Enright, ASR Forwarding
Receipt & Release.
Automated warehouse receipt and release.

Stop wasting your employees time with manual data collection and transmission. Use mobile devices to receive and release goods from your warehouse. Empower your workforce and clients to act on real-time information

  • Collect critical shipment details with a mobile device.
  • Instantly notify the shipper, consignee, and agent.
  • Include internal reference numbers for easy accounting.
  • Receipts are filed electronically for easy access.
Inventory Manager.
The easiest way to manage your inventory.

The days of expensive, complicated, and inaccurate inventory management systems are over.

  • View on-hand inventory and warehouse activity in real-time.
  • Provide clients with a real-time portal into their inventory.
  • Detailed activity feed down to the pallet and product level.
  • Empower data-driven decision making across your locations.
Instant Product Listings.
The fastest way to bring your products to market.

Perfect for LSPs that serve traders and distributors, and LSPs involved in reverse logistics, asset liquidation, and remarketing. Empower your clients to conduct business faster than ever before.

  • Clients instantly generate product offerings.
  • Broadcast your brand to your client's trading network.
  • Perfect for reverse logistics.
HDTS Inspection.
Seeing is believing.

Provide your clients with the clearest level of transparency. HD Powered Inspection introduces a new revenue stream to your business and improve upon your current inspection processes.

  • Live, streaming high definition video.
  • Automatically generate inspection reports for your clients.
  • Provide a level of service that exceeds industry expectations.
Customer Relationship Manager.
Business is built on relationships. Manage yours with HDTS.

We know it's not easy keeping track of business with hundreds of clients and hundreds of leads. Introducing the most intuitive way to manage and grow your most important relationships.

  • Easily import your contacts.
  • Always know where your communications left off.
  • Initiate customer and agent orders from their profile.
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