Experience The Transparent Supply Chain.

It is difficult to trust and keep track of relationships with trading partners. And for distributors of high value goods, there's never enough time in the day to get deals done. Until now.

Introducing the HDTS Distribution Management Suite of productivity tools. Our mobile and cloud based warehouse management, inspection, and productivity technology integrates with specialized logistics service providers to allow you to use accurate real-time information for making critical business decisions.

  • Gain real-time access to your worldwide inventory.
  • Receive instant notifications about the status of your goods.
  • Instantly list products to your targeted buying network.
  • Verify the quality of products in HD before you buy.
  • Easily organize your deals and trading partner network.
"HDTS is the future of high value distribution."
Alex Blaker, UniMaven
Inventory Manager.
Access your inventory, anywhere in the world.

How are you supposed to run your business effectively without knowing your exact inventory on-hand at 3PLs or in each of your distribution regions worldwide? Never lose track of your inventory, ever.

  • Real-time portal into your inventory.
  • Aggregated across every HDTS location.
  • Detailed activity feed down to the pallet and product level.
Receipt & Release.
A revolution in shipment tracking.

Tired of calling your logistics service provider and receiving conflicting information that your goods have / have not arrived? Receive auto-generated email notifications as soon as your goods enter and leave the warehouse.

  • Instant notifications directly to your inbox.
  • High-res images, shipment dimensions, and condition remarks.
  • Include your internal reference number for easy accounting.
Instant Product Listings.
The fastest way to bring your products to market.

Don't be limited by slow turnover. Show your trading partners that your goods are as described, in a neutral location, and ready to ship. Initiate instant listings directly from automated warehouse receipt email notifications.

  • Quickly generate product offerings.
  • Email offerings to your targeted trading network.
  • Receive offers from buyers directly to your inbox.
HDTS Inspection.
Seeing is believing.

How do you know that the goods you're purchasing are the goods you'll receive? Do you really trust your trading partners enough to risk total financial loss? Participate, remotely, in the thorough quality verification of your goods.

  • Live, high-definition streaming video.
  • View inspections as they are being conducted.
  • Receive an an automaticaly generated inspection report.
Deal Manager.
Business is built on relationships. Manage yours with HDTS.

We know it's not easy keeping track of business with hundreds of trading partners. That's why we offer access to HD's deal management platform that allows deal terms and trading partner relationships to be tracked with ease.

  • Easily import your contacts.
  • Always know where your communications left off.
  • Initiate customer and agent orders from their profiles.
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