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 1 Mar 2013 08:00 -0500
 Bob Klunk

When bringing your product to market, you need someone you can trust to protect and promote your brand through the eCommerce and retail channel. A trusted partner will have facilities that are modern and secure and located near hubs for major carriers with the technology, physical network, and caring service to delight your customer. A good fulfillment partner will provide an information interface so that you and anyone you choose can have real-time visibility to inventory and the status of orders. 

With product positioned in a third party warehouse, your product is safe, secure, and deployed near your customers. Orders can often be shipped same or next day and arrive at your customer’s door within one or two days using low cost ground shipping. You brand and logo will be featured on all documentation which includes a personalized thank you note with your customer’s name. Promotional materials may be printed on demand at the time of order to draw attention to your brand and products and compel repeat purchasing. You customers will begin to associate your brand with great service and pleasant experience.

There are also advantages to aggregating export shipments. In order to keep costs down, it’s better to ship full containers, but that requires more operating capital and puts more inventory at risk. By combining your shipments with other suppliers, a third party can lower allow you to ship smaller quantities more often. A fulfillment partner provides a place for your goods to be shipped and stored, but remains available for sale to any customer through any authorized channel.

The long term success of your business rests on your ability to earn brand loyalty. You have the opportunity to build your brand on a controlled and scalable supply chain foundation that will ensure the greatest customer experience. In this age of omni-channel commerce, 3rd Party Fulfillment provides a powerful competitive advantage that must not be ignored.

Bob Klunk is Managing Director of DMI Fulfillment, an HDTS Fulfillment partner.

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